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Wed Mar 2 21:33:52 GMT 2005

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Peter Russell wrote:

> That really look slike a fantastic product - kudos to you all.

Thanks, much appreciated!

> It looks as though it will suit the Exchange admins who have ebnever
> touched linux before? install the os, install your RPM and your set?

That's the idea, yes.
There are an awful lot of Exchange admins out there who are desperate
for a solution they can afford.

And if you want us to manage your entire server, including all OS
updates and patches, the whole works, then we can do that for you too.
The instructions we send you even include a click-by-click guide to
installing the OS so you really don't need to know how to do anything
other than put a CD into the drive and follow instructions.

> But for those of us who dont really care about having a gui to ms.conf
> will we be missing anything sticking with mailscanner?

No. There is only one version of the source of MailScanner, and I have
no intention of letting that change.

> Or would it even
> be more benificial sticking with MS as the release frequency of the free
> to donwload version of SM gateway is likely to be less thab MS ?

If you are happy to admin MS as you do now, then stick with the version of the system. The cores are the same, but
we may well not update SMGateway as fast as I update MailScanner itself.

> MS development will continue as normal?


> Will the GUIs bits be available for us to intsall on existing systems?

You can always tear apart the SMGateway download and use bits of it. We
are quite happy for you to do that if you want to, but you won't be able
to get support via the standard packages, you would be asking for custom
support for your system if you need it.

> Will SMgateway support things like postfix?

Not yet, but that is planned for a future release.

> Will any of you development gurus ever builds a search feature for
> mailwatch ? :)

Ask on the MailWatch mailing list and see what Steve is up to in that

> Do you ahve plans to build this type thing on an ISP scale? (10s of
> thousands of users)

There will be a SMCluster package towards the end of this year, which
will be designed to handle a cluster of MailScanner servers. This should
have abilities such as treating the quarantine as a single entity,
regardless of how it is actually stored. Given enough horsepower,
SMGateway will already handle tens of thousands of users, but
MailWatch's requirements are quite high for very busy mail servers.

> Will mailling list type support be on another list of this one?

We are still working on that one. You will of course be able to get help
from the MailScanner community as you can now, where the issue is
actually to do with MailScanner itself and not one of the extra components.

> Stephen Swaney wrote:
>> Excellent response. I dropped him a line direct with a bcc to yyou.
>> What a team :)
>> Steve
>> Steve Swaney
>> President
>> Fortress Systems Ltd.
>> Phone: 202 338-1670
>> Cell: 202 352-3262
>> steve.swaney at
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>>> Thanks!
>>> We have not yet implemented support for Exchange's Spam Confidence
>>> Level, but it is certainly something we will look at for a future
>>> release.
>>> Errol Neal wrote:
>>>> Kudos to you all.
>>>> What would really further interest and excite me is tight intergration
>>>> with Exchange's existing spam mechanimism via the Spam Confidence
>>>> Level.
>>>> Did you guys have any plans in this regard?

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