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John Rudd wrote:
> On Mar 2, 2005, at 6:29 AM, Julian Field wrote:
>> We are pleased to announce SMGateway, the first Secure Mail Gateway
>> product from Fortress Systems Ltd.
> - Active Directory Authentication?  What about Kerberos?  (POP/IMAP is
> good enough for us (since those check against our Kerberos pass
> phrases), but I'm curious if you're doing AD via LDAP, or AD via
> Kerberos, or some other aspect of AD authentication I'm not aware of
> ... and if you're doing it via AD's LDAP functionality, I wonder why
> you didn't also list LDAP authentication in the blurb)

Recipient checking is available via LDAP and milter-ahead (basically, it opens a
persistent SMTP channel to the mailhub and does RCPT TO's, with some intelligent caching)

> - Redhat only?  No Solaris support?  Any Solaris support planned?

The biggest (and really the only) barrier to using it on other platforms is the fact that
the product is totally RPM based.  I would love to be able to run it on FreeBSD as that is
what we run our MailScanner machines on now, but it would require some work to get things

> - Also, we use an array of machines to do our mailscanner work right
> now.  Does SMGateway support this (Ie. users only have to set their
> options on one machine, instead of having to touch all 4 of them?).  My
> impression is that because you're using MailWatch, which I thought uses
> mysql for various things, then it might be possible to put the mysql
> database on a separate machine, and thus have multiple work-horse
> machines that all use 1 configuration database.  Is that an
> appropriate/accurate assumption?

That would require SMCluster, which isn't out yet.. (we have the same config, and need it too)


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