Mail vanishes after hitting first MTA

John Adams john at MINTRA.COM
Wed Mar 2 14:47:10 GMT 2005

Thankyou for your response

We have been missleading in our original post. We thought that the mails
were not entering the mailscanner system as they were not showing in the
mailwatch interface, on a search for recipient. However hey do actually
appear if we search for sender.

So if the mailscanner has successfully processed the mail and said it is
clean. Indeed it does appear to be an MTA issue.

We have looked at this and it seems that sendmail is set by default to.

block unresolvable domains
block unqualified senders

So what happens is the mail get forwareded to the o2 mail server and the
user reads it. The cc and other copy get dropped by the MTA without
notification. This is because the the domains are not resolvable as they are
in United Arab Emerates or Brasil, through timeous.

We will make sendmail so that it does not block unresolvable and unqualified
and hope that all the mailscanner will have remove unwanted stuff.

I hope this works and has now undesirable effects.

Fedora Core 1
Sendmail 8.12.10
Mailscanner 4.38.10-1
Spamassasin 2.63
Mailwatch 0.5.1

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