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We are pleased to announce SMGateway, the first Secure Mail Gateway
product from Fortress Systems Ltd.

SMGateway is based on MailScanner, the world's most widely used e-mail
gateway application. SMGateway employs MailScanner in conjunction with
SpamAssassin, ClamAV and your choice of additional commercial virus
scanners to provide the most effective, easy to use, anti-spam and
anti-virus solution available.

Fortress SMGateway has all of the functionality provided by MailScanner
and SpamAssassin plus extensions and enhancements to provide a simple
web based interface for users and administrators.  These added features
allow administrators to more easily install, control and configure
e-mail gateway operations while allowing users and administrators to set
their own spam preferences.

SMGateway provides a web based administrative interface which allows
administrators to easily:

. Configure MailScanner including rule sets
. Configure e-mail forwarding to any type of Mailhub
. Setup multiple domains forwarding to different mailhubs
. Roll-back to previous configurations
. Easily backup configurations
. Validate user on mailhub before acceptance of e-mail on gateway
. Configure allowed file names and file types for attachments

The Web based interface also allows the site administrator, domain
administrators and individual users to easily set their own spam
preferences, and administer white and black lists.

Authentication to the web interface is provided for three levels of users:

. Site administrators are allowed to set and change any configuration
data for the entire site.

. Domain administrators are allowed to set and change spam preferences,
white and black lists for their specific domains.

. Users are able to set their own spam preferences, white and black lists.

The user's logon to the user web interface for setting individual or
site preferences is automatically authenticated against their Microsoft
Active Directory or any POP or IMAP mailhub. There is no need to setup
or administer user accounts or logins on the gateway.

SMGateway includes MailWatch for MailScanner, a real-time console for
MailScanner. MailWatch provides a web based interface for:

. Individual Message tracking
. Release of messages from quarantine
. Feeding ham (not-spam) and spam to the Bayesian filter
. E-mail and Spam reporting and statistics
. Real time message queuing statistics.

SMGateway automatically installs and configures additional applications
to help identify spam and viruses:

. ClamAV is a highly regarded Open Source Virus Scanner

. DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse) is a System of clients and
servers that collect and count checksums of e-mail messages in order to
detect spam

. Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam
using identifying digests of messages

. Razor2 is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering

SMGateway supports the simultaneous use of multiple virus scanners

. AntiVir
. BitDefender
. ClamAV
. Command
. DrWeb
. eTrust
. F-Prot
. F-Secure
. Inoculan
. Inoculate
. Kaspersky
. McAfee
. Nod32
. Norman
. Panda
. Sophos
. SYMSymscan
. Trend
. Vexira

SMGateway is currently supported only on a clean minimal installation of
Red Hat 3 (ES or AS). Support for Red Hat 4 and CentOS 4 will be
available shortly.

The installation of MailScanner and all related applications takes
approximately 5 minutes. Configuration for most common setups should
take less than one hour.
Known Limitations in this version include:

. Web configuration of per domain and per user allowed filenames and
filetypes is not possible from the GUI.

. Release from quarantine using the MailWatch interface is only allowed
for the site administrator.

Pricing and Support

SMGateway is available for download from our web site at no charge.
Fortress systems does provide and charge for support and updates. To
maintain a reliable business e-mail system, we strongly advise you
purchase SMGateway in conjunction with a support package:

Package 1:
Web support; 12 hour response SLA and 1 year of updates
US   $849.00

Package 2:
5 x 8 Phone Support, 4 hr response SLA and 1 year of updates
US $1,648.00

Package 3:
7 x 24 Phone Support, 4 hr response SLA and 1 year of updates
US $2,547.00

Rapid and high quality support is vital in any modern business system.
We provide a range of support packages at standard prices. Please do not
hesitate to contact us if you require a support contract that is not
listed here.

To ensure we can give all customers who purchase support a very high
quality of service, we are restricting the number of support packages
that we sell. Support packages will be sold starting next Monday, March
7, on a "first come, first served" basis, and we will limit sales to
avoid compromising our ability to provide high quality services.

Please visit our web site for additional information on SMGateway:

To download please visit:

For detailed information on features and operations, please download the

For information on a soon to be released appliance that utilizes a
custom version of SMGateway, please visit:

We hope you will find our efforts to be of value to you and your

Julian Field and Stephen Swaney
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Fortress Systems Ltd

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