Mail vanishes after hitting first MTA

John Adams john at MINTRA.COM
Tue Mar 1 20:44:22 GMT 2005

Users have complained that incoming mail is going missing with no bounce

We checked our DNS and all the other issues (there is a secondary mx mail
server but users fetch mail from this so it is not disappearing there)

The emails are  received by the server,  we know this because
a DotFoward file has been created for a user and the mails are getting
forwarded correctly, to his blackberry.

The dot foward is in the correct format with the leading fowardslash
which makes a copy to the local user then fowards on to another account.

Since most emails are correctly working as expected, showing both in the
local user's mbox as well as in the forwarded account.  We suspect there
somthing unique about the missing emails.

looking in the mail log we noticed there are errors that include the
domains from the missing emails. such as a lost mail from

machine foo[18123]: j1L42COt018123: lost input channel from
[] to Daemon0 after rcpt

As this is not even showing up in the mailwatch interface, we cannot
out why it is not being delivered correctly.

The best example being an mail (an enquiry for a large contact) which was
to his workmate. did not come through to his mail box or to the workmate
was forwarded to the blackberry.

Help please I don't want to see these people moving to MS exchange


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