Reports not attached after upgrade to 4.39.5

Stef Morrell stef at L5NET.NET
Tue Mar 1 15:51:59 GMT 2005

Hi guys,

I've just upgraded from 4.38.9 to 4.39.5.

As part of my testing I sent myself an EICAR and noted that I didn't get
the normal attachment with the "we found blah virus" and "quarantined it
here" and what have you.

I didn't have this problem with 4.38.9 so I'm guessing I've missed a
step or made a stupid mistake.

I've run upgrade_MailScanner_conf, copied my rules and reports
directories and run upgrade_languages_conf (in that order!).

Any help appreciated.

Stefan Morrell          | Operations Director
Tel: 0870 365 2813      | Level 5 Internet Ltd
Fax: 0192 450 7307      | Part of the Alpha Omega Group
stef at          | stef at

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