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Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Mar 1 09:43:45 GMT 2005

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I have just released the latest stable version, 4.39.5.

This release contains some more configuration options for users of the
'clamavmodule' virus scanner, and some more improvements to the phishing
net. It also contains a 'starter list' of sites to stop false alarms
from the phishing net. There are also quite a few bug-fixes.

You can download it as usual from

The full Change Log is:
* New Features and Improvements *
- If the AttachmentWarning message put into a message is empty (zero-length)
  then the empty attachment won't be added to the message at all.
- Added scanning of PE's by default to clamavmodule scanner.
- Added feature when IP address in a ruleset has all 4 numbers, so that a
  full string match is done against the client IP, not a substring match.
- Added support for output from latest F-Prot and archive bomb detection.
- Set all virus scanners to SUPPORTED so no tweaking needed by users.
- Added 4 new configuration options for setting all ClamAV settings when
  using the "clamavmodule" scanner:
  ClamAVmodule Maximum Recursion Level
  ClamAVmodule Maximum Files
  ClamAVmodule Maximum File Size
  ClamAVmodule Maximum Compression Ratio
- Phishing net now traps website names containing unicode characters.

* Fixes *
- Corrected problem with <a> tags that have no text contents and no </a>.
- 2 minor typos in the Swedish reports.
- Changed check_MailScanner to check_mailscanner in cron job.
- Fixed problem where files with no extension, inside a zip file, were
  extracted with ".dat" added onto the end of them.
- Fixed problem with phishing net being confused by some malformed URLs.
- Syslog calls are forced to 8-bit characters.
- Fixed problems with nested input queues not being used consistently.
- Custom Function reader no longer includes Debian dpkg files it should
- Fixed problems with messages being rebuilt just because they contain <A>
  or <IMG>.
- Fixed problems with some messages with sendmail nested input queue but
  flat output queue.
- Fixed problem where an infected spam message containing a broken zip
  file could break MailScanner when delivered as an RFC-822 attachment
  to a new message.

Julian Field
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