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Tue Jun 14 16:41:58 IST 2005

Hello All,

I am already knee-deep into a new server that is implementing sendmail. 
Yes, I know I will get an earful of "not the appropriate list" or "you 
should really try/use QMail or Postfix." I don't know where else I could 
get an expert answer to this.

I have a fresh MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Sendmail install on CentOS 3.4 
(equivalent to RedHat 3.0 ES). I just cannot seem to put all the pieces of 
SMTP_AUTH together. I have a server that will relay mail if you spoof one 
of my addresses. I used to use popb4smtp and qpopper on an older sendmail 
installation, but It seems they are quite old and outdated?

I have hit the Search engines and the sendmail.org site. I have found all 
kinds of links that have pieces of the puzzle, but no one puts it all 
together in a simple, concise, do this, this and this, TEST and be happy. I 
have tried many of the pieces and still get no Relaying at all. However, 
I'm anticipating the state where I end up unacceptably insecure and a 
gaping gateway waiting for a SPAMMER to poke holes!

Some examples of my reading thus far:

So far this appears the most promising:

Is it really that bad??? This does not appear to be simple. It looks like a 
good opportunity for me to wreck the server!

Please! Links? Help? Am I suffering TMI?

I am going to have all kinds of Windows Outlook, Mac Entourage, Eudora, 
Thunderbird users some of which who will not want to or understand how to 
authenticate over SSL. A few might. I will have roaming users. I will work 
on TLS/SSL after I get some sort of SMTP authentication working. It will 
have to be a plain old ISP-style mail server to start, but I need SMTP 

Glenn Parsons

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