No Virus Scanning Happening Since MS Upgrade to v4.43.8

Christian Schmidt at CHEMIE.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Thu Jul 28 16:56:37 IST 2005

Hello Quintin,

Quintin Giesbrecht, 27.07.2005 (d.m.y):
> Virus Scanning is Pointing to a rule (this must be new, because I just
> had it set to YES)
> I changed it to YES, but viruses still come through.  I have since
> changed it back to the rule set.

Well, just changing an option to "yes" may sometimes not be enough.
Perhaps you should reveal some more details concerning your

> If I send an email from the MS box itself which contains a virus, it
> gets scanned and blocked. 

How do you send this mail? Are you calling your sendmail (or postfix,
exim, whatever) binary directly or are you connecting to your MTA via
port 25?

What does your configuration look like?

> Any other mail from any other server that
> contains a virus does not get scanned and/or detected as a virus.

Maybe the "wrong daemon" is listening on the outward network

Christian Schmidt

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