RBL's without SpamAssassin = how much spam is caught?

Philip Hachey PHachey at CITY.CORNWALL.ON.CA
Thu Jul 28 15:51:48 IST 2005

You'll likely have to experiment to see what works best for your site.
 On our site, of over 18,000 messages roughly 8000 messages were clean.
 Of the remaining 10,000 messages that were marked as spam, nearly all of
them were marked as spam by SpamAssassin and 8000 appeared in RBLs (I'm
using: SBL+XBL spamcop.net NJABL+DYN SORBS-DUL).  This seems to suggest
that SpamAssassin is quite useful and, with it turned on (doing it's own
scoring based on Bayes, RBLs, etc.), RBL checking in MS isn't that

So you could still potentially catch a lot of spam with RBLs only, but
it's not as sure-fire as SpamAssassin (or even *just* SpamAssassin).

Philip J. Hachey, BCS(High Hons)
City of Cornwall

Daniel Straka <dstraka at CASPERCOLLEGE.EDU>
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2005-07-28 09:00
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I'm running MS with "Spam List = ORDB-RBL SBL+XBL" and without
SpamAssassin (my version of perl is too old for SA). Around 15-30
percent of mail is being identified as spam. Some users are still
receiving quite a bit of male enhancement, prescription drug and
software spam.
1. Would SA make a very big difference? If so how much %?
2. Are there other RBL's that work better than Spamhaus?
3. Can I use other RBL's in conjunction with Spamhaus?


Dan Straka
Casper College

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