Is a check on a valid SMIME signature possible within MS

Norbert Schmidt at IS-TELEDATA.COM
Tue Jul 26 13:57:16 IST 2005


I am using postfix as MTA, as far as I know, a milter is a sendmail
technology. I couldn't find a tool that does something similar with
postfix. As MS does check on encryption, I thought it should be possible
to check on smime signatures too, because it's all sort of open-ssl
Maybe it would be possible to attach this functionality through the
custom stuff...

Any ideas??


MailScanner mailing list <MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK> wrote on 26.07.2005

> You might be better off doing that in your underlying MTA if possible
> (maybe with a milter or similar)
Norbert Schmidt wrote:
> As our company is using S/MIME Signatures to verify the identity of
> senders that are allowed to send mail to certain mailinglists, I wonder
> wether it was possible to integrate these checks into MailScanner.
> Does anybody know about an extension, that could be helpfull??

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