Is a check on a valid SMIME signature possible within MS

Spicer, Kevin KevinS at BMRB.CO.UK
Tue Jul 26 10:10:11 IST 2005

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You might be better off doing that in your underlying MTA if possible
(maybe with a milter or similar)

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Sent: 26 July 2005 07:41
Subject: Is a check on a valid SMIME signature possible within MS

Hi all together,

I am in the process of evaluation on Mailscanner and am very much excited
about the abilities.
As our company is using S/MIME Signatures to verify the identity of
senders that are allowed to send mail to certain mailinglists, I wonder
wether it was possible to integrate these checks into MailScanner.

Does anybody know about an extension, that could be helpfull??



IS-Teledata AG
Stollwerckstr. 7
D-51149 Köln


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