MailScanner functionality

Tom Carroll cgbmtom at SPAMCOP.NET
Mon Jul 25 01:31:41 IST 2005

Alright, I suppose I can ask my questions here since this is where the
experts are.

I am curious as to the function chain of MailScanner.

Here's my optional MTA and mail handling system, and I do not know if
MailScanner can work in this way or not (I have read the docs).

SMTP session begins.
SMTP server checks ip for open relays.
   If open relay = true
      SMTP server rejects mail from open relay
SMTP server checks for local user
   If local user = false
      SMTP server rejects message for non-local user
SMTP server checks for acceptance of mail from ip or tld
   If ip or tld on reject list = true
      SMTP server rejects message with message of how to reach postmaster
SMTP server accepts message
   Process for spam
      If message = spam
         Process in accordance with rules
   Process for virus
      If virus = true
         Process in accordance with rules
   Deliver message

I run my own mail server with my own domain through dyndns.  I have two
pre-teen children who have begun playing online games and chatting with
friends.  I see the number of spam messages increasing and I want to put a
stop to the majority of the risk of having the system accepting dangerous

Since this is my server and I am only serving to my family, I want to block
certain tld's from sending mail to us.  I know the political backlash I can
get for stating this, but this system is private, therefore I do not have to
accept something if I do not want it.

Can mailscanner do this for me?  I believe PostFix can, but it appears my
server is currently accepting everything that is sent to it, processing it
and then sending out a bounce message.  I do not want to receive anything on
my server until I determine it is something I want.  I do not know if
MailScanner is able to be the sentry at the front door that I need.  To me
it appears it is the sentry in the lobby rejecting the unwanted after it has
already entered the lobby.  Bad for security...

Thank you!


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