Problems with qmail: viruses not blocked

Maurizio M. Munafo' munafo at
Thu Jul 21 20:54:47 IST 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 11:24, Maurizio M. Munafo' wrote:
> I recently started using Mailscanner with Qmail (after using it a long
> time on another system with sendmail).
> I installed the openprotect extension and everything seemed to work,
> i.e. spam, HTML, phishing identification and extention blocking are
> working fine, but I did not received any virus notification as an
> administrator. 
> I investigated further the problem and I just realized that the system
> seems not to block viruses (and if a virus is blocked is actually
> because of the extension filtering). 

Problem partially solved. My incoming directory was actually passing
through a link, so it was not a qmail problem at all.
Now I have to understand why administrator notices are still not send.


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