howto stop 1 users outgong mail from being scanned & headers changed

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Wed Jul 13 13:55:50 IST 2005

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Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Dan Carl wrote:
>> I have a user named "mailer" that I use to send  bulk emails.
>> I don't want Mailscanner to scan or change headers on any of its
>> outgoing
>> mail.
>> I made a virus.scanning.rules listed below.
>> From:   mailer at        no
>> FromOrTo:    default                 yes
>> and a signing rule as follows
>> From:   mailer at        no
>> FromOrTo:    default                 yes
>> When I send emails they are still sent via Mailscanner
> Correct MS will still process also prob want to skip the
> spam scanning, iframe tests etc etc
And you'll also want to prepare for when a virus/worm/luser places
"from:mailer at" as his origin address and uses your server to
send out mail. Even if you have SMTP auth or some other method of making
sure people outside don't use you as a relay, it's better for cases like
these to add "and From:" or "and From:192.168.0.x" to be sure.

And besides, you want messages not to be "touched" by MailScanner, so
why not set an additional MTA process on a different port to take care
of this?

In any case, I hope this "bulk email" you talk about is not spam. I've
started to notice local spammers and local ISP-friendly spammers are
starting to use MailScanner, "amavisd", SpamAssassin's milter, and other
antispam tools. Ironic.

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