System variables in MailScanner.conf

James Gray james at
Wed Jul 13 03:36:25 IST 2005

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On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:00 am, Drew Marshall wrote:

> Just out of interest, why the switch to CentOS over fBSD?

It's a political thing mostly.  We do a lot of work for two multi-national 
Linux vendors and so have pretty open access to licenses and support.  So the 
decision was made to standardise on a single *nix, considering we're using 
CentOS for testing and evaluation...I'm sure you can fill in the blanks ;)

Personally I prefer the whole SysV thing (al la Linux/Solaris/etc) and binary 
packaging systems (compiling everything from source is a pain IMHO).  I can 
manage fBSD, but I've never really "liked" it.  But that's totally subjective 
- I'm not trying to start a holy war.

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