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Tue Jul 12 22:45:02 IST 2005

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We are currently in the process of migrating our mail gateways to a common 
operating system and configuration.  Currently they are split between CentOS 
and FreeBSD.  We found an interesting little "feature" during the most recent 
upgrade to MS 4.43.8.

The config file refers to "$HOSTNAME" which on our CentOS testing box worked 
perfectly.  So we got around to pushing the config out to all the production 
machines.  Problem - only the CentOS-based machines are reporting their 
hostname, and the FreeBSD boxes aren't.  2 minutes of playing revealed we 
needed "$HOST" on FreeBSD, and "$HOTNAME" on Linux.  Bah - back to separate 
configs :(

Just thought this little gem might help others.  As we're not going to be 
keeping the FreeBSD boxes, I'm not particularly heart-broken.  They are also 
fairly old (fBSD 4.6.1) which may have something to do with the "$HOST" vs 
"$HOSTNAME" thing too.  Anyone else seen this?  If this is a fBSD thing, it 
might be a handy exception to mention in the config file comments.


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