MailScanner 4.43.8 Memory Usage Extreme Growth

Wed Jul 6 19:09:46 IST 2005

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Oh blimey, you know how sometime you can do things because you think 
they make no difference, but you kinda forget it by the time you come to 
test things and then wonder why it all goes a bit pear-shaped?  I 
certainly do.  Very well, in fact.

Sorry to bother any/everybody, suffice it to say that the problem was 
with this particular user and nothing else. 

For what it's worth, I shall never again think that commenting out the 
"use_bayes 0" in spam.assassin.prefs.conf is a good idea.  Any mistaken 
belief that this would have no effect will never again enter my mind. 


Julian Field wrote:

> Can you try a bit of a binary chop and try to deduce which version 
> first started the problem?
> 4.40.1 and 4.43.8 are a long way apart, it's going to be a pretty 
> hopeless search inspecting all the code changes by eye.
> Ade Fewings wrote:
>> I've just upgraded from 4.40.11 to 4.43.8 and, with exactly the same 
>> MailScanner.conf, the new MailScanner processes start and grow in 
>> memory size, seemingly forever.  Switching back to 4.40.11, the 
>> processes stop and stabilize at about 57M each (under prstat in 
>> Solaris).  The new ones go sailing through that and only stop when I 
>> kill them, at which point the machine is out of memory and swap (each 
>> MailScanner being >>500M by this stage).

Ade Fewings MEng 

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Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd. LL57 1UT. UK.

ade at
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