need assistance with minor SMGateway issue.

Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Jul 6 16:07:51 IST 2005

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I suggest you contact Fort Systems for technical support on their
products. This really isn't a MailScanner question.
On 6 Jul 2005, at 15:54, Dene Ulmschneider wrote:

      Hi there:

      We are running a brand new installation of RH ES 3.0 along
      with the latest version of SMGateway and are having trouble
      getting any virtually hosted websites to work. Whenever we
      try to go ^Ö we just get sent to
      the SMG login page. We have the apache configuration setup
      with the proper name based virtual hosting commands in the
      httpd.conf file and yet we still just get the SMGateway login


      We also have another RH9 machine that is setup with just
      MailScanner and virtual hosting and that works fine, so I am
      wondering if the SMGateway web interface grabs that much
      control over the apache or the entire server maybe that
      virtual hosting is not possible. Can anyone confirm or deny
      the ability to virtually host domains on a server along with
      SMGateway? If it is possible can anyone offer any suggestions
      as to what we can try?


Julian Field
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