OT: Postfix pre-MailScanner Policy Daemon

Peter Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Wed Jul 6 01:36:29 IST 2005

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>> Another option I use is to only allow in valid email addresses and the 
>> MTA. I drop over 70% of my email that way..and don't get any FP's from 
>> RBLs ;-)

On my second MX i drop 97% of inbound mail this way. Its amazing, all i 
have to do is not accept email that isnt address to our users.

> Agreed and every MTA should reject non users at SMTP stage (But not all 
> do!). Where this isn't possible, I also drop non-deliverable 
> Mailer-Daemon messages after a much shorter queue period. No point 
> clogging the queue up.

How do you do this in postfix?

>> Yes in theory you are open to email guessing attacks, but then my SA 
>> and  MS are very well setup so this doesn't add much risk :-)
>> No idea how you do this in PF as I run Exim....

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