Sendmail call from MailScanner resolved

Jim Flowers jflowers at EZO.NET
Wed Jul 6 01:00:47 IST 2005

Because my /var partition is small and my /usr partition is large I changed
 from /var/spool/mqueue* to /usr/var/spool/mqueue* on a FreeBSD5.4/Sendmail
system that was running perfectly.  Edited MailScanner.conf appropriately.

All mail was then queued to be sent by the queuerunner (log entry
sm-mta-out:) instead of using a direct sendmail call (log entry sendmail:)

After some digging around, I found that symlinking the /usr/var/spool/mqueue
directory back to /var/spool/mqueue solved the problem.  The direct
MailScanner call to sendmail chdirs to the default queue before executing
and so fails.

This could be avoided programatically by having the MailScanner call use the
value in MailScanner.conf instead of the default
(-OQueueDirectory=%%Outgoing Queue Dir%%).

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