move from one os to another and live cloning

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Jul 5 16:24:01 IST 2005

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Harondel J. Sibble wrote:
> Okay, we have a MS box running MDK 9.2 which we want to upgrade, however we 
> are looking at going with one of the RHEL clones like CentOS instead of MDK 
> because it offers a longer update cycle.
> To move the current config to the new box running CentOS, is this the basic 
> procedure?
> 1) Setup and update CentOS box
> 2) install same version of MS, SA etc on new box
> 3) Copy /etc/MailScanner from old box to new box
> 4) Make sure MS works on new box
> 5) Upgrade MS, SA etc on new box to latest and greates
> 6) Tweak configuration on new box as necessary
> Anyone see any problems with this?

Not really.  Not an half-an-hour job though :).

> Also was thinking of imaging the CentOS configuration to another similar 
> machine as as backup, Anyone know of any software that will then keep both 
> boxes in completely in sync, so that any changes made on the main system get 
> automatically replicated to the secondary, in case the primary tanks?
> We don't need automated failover, just need to keep both boxes identical.

rsync or unison

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