move from one os to another and live cloning

Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at PDSCC.COM
Mon Jul 4 20:01:19 IST 2005

Okay, we have a MS box running MDK 9.2 which we want to upgrade, however we 
are looking at going with one of the RHEL clones like CentOS instead of MDK 
because it offers a longer update cycle.

To move the current config to the new box running CentOS, is this the basic 

1) Setup and update CentOS box
2) install same version of MS, SA etc on new box
3) Copy /etc/MailScanner from old box to new box
4) Make sure MS works on new box
5) Upgrade MS, SA etc on new box to latest and greates
6) Tweak configuration on new box as necessary

Anyone see any problems with this?

Also was thinking of imaging the CentOS configuration to another similar 
machine as as backup, Anyone know of any software that will then keep both 
boxes in completely in sync, so that any changes made on the main system get 
automatically replicated to the secondary, in case the primary tanks?
We don't need automated failover, just need to keep both boxes identical.

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