SpamAssassin timeouts

Erik van der Leun evanderleun at HAL9000.NL
Mon Jul 4 09:50:21 IST 2005


I'm sure this question has been raised earlier, my apologies for reposting...

Since approximately a week, I've been having timeouts with SpamAssassin on any databases I check. I never experienced such problems before, but I know
others have...

I had only ORDB-RBL configured in MailScanner, and just for testing I replaced with the spamhaus-XBL, since it was useful to try them out

I've changed the timeout setting from 40 to 60 seconds, but it hardly helps...

What exactly does happen during such a check?
What kind of traffic is generated to such a blocklist server?

I know for a start that my machine has had a bit more load lately, and that seems to relate to the problem... but it's seldom higher than 2.00 and I do
not feel that could be the full cause of it all...

Can anybody enlighten me in how to think through the process of checking these online services? What exactly are logical bottlenecks in the process?

( My apologies for the long mail for such a short question :^> )

Kind regards,
Erik van der Leun

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