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>Another thing to think about if that for 'business class' aDSL you can 
>get a enhanced care package where the fix time drops from 7 to 1 days. 
>Dunno if they offer that on consumer lines...

We have our Head Office 2Mbit broadband on BT's care package - it's
£100/month (yikesd!!) for a 2Mbit line and in the last year we have had only
one outage caused by their cock-up in upgrading the service from 512K to
2Mbit - the outage was 5 days as the buck passing went on. During this time
we were technically not on a 512K nor a 2Mbit contract and so 'all bets were
off' for the ehnanced care package and we got diddly squat in the way of
compensation or a speedier fix - BT also managed to cut the BB phone line
for a whole day and once they restored this they then cut off all the phones
to the building for a further day.

Sods law says if we drop the enhanced package something bad will happen to
our service and we'll need it, but so far it's not really proved its worth
for us.


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