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Sat Jul 2 09:51:11 IST 2005

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I have just released the July edition of MailScanner, version 4.43.

The major feature this month is the addition of the "Generic Spam 
Scanner". This gives you the ability to run any other spam detection 
software in addition to, or instead of, SpamAssassin. You don't need to 
know any Perl to get it working as an example calling an external 
program is provided.

Your own spam scanner takes a few details of the message, as well as the 
message itself, and prints out its report along with the message's spam 
score. MailScanner does everything else for you.

If people write plugins for other anti-spam tools, I would very much 
like to publish them on the MailScanner web site.

You can download it all as usual from

The full Change Log :

* New Features and Improvements *
- Added "Custom Spam Scanner" so that you can very easily plug in your
  own spam scanner, for example dspam. See MailScanner.conf and
  .../MailScanner/CustomFunctions/ for more details.
- "Allowed Sophos Error Messages" now works for SophosSAVI scanner as well
  as the command-line Sophos scanner.
- "\n" can be used to insert line breaks in just about any configuration
  setting or languages.conf string.
- Optimised scanning of messages when spam/mcp archive is not kept clean.
- Updated Clam+SpamAssassin package for SpamAssassin 3.0.4.

* Fixes *
- Fixed bug in upgrade_MailScanner_conf so that it puts in the new value of
  "MailScanner Version Number" rather than copying it over from the old one,
  and it now gets all the comments right around this option when the
  "--keep-comments" command-line switch is used.
- Syslogging of files with allowed Sophos errors should now be correct.
- Fixed missing syslog entry for MCP actions taken on a non-delivered 
- Fixed bug where infection could be reported for wrong message ID as well
  as correct message ID.
- Modified panda-wrapper to process entire batch in one call instead of
  per message.
- If message parsing failed, the pipe might not exist and this wasn't 
- Improved fault auto-detection and auto-correcting of Postfix formatting

Julian Field
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