Changing Reply To: when replying to Mail List

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Fri Jul 1 23:28:43 IST 2005

Michele Neylon:: wrote:
>> Is it considered bad form to change the Reply To: field when
>> you reply to a message on a mailing list. I'm kinda of slow
>> and just realized why several of my posts never made it to
>> the list. I just reply to a post and failed to notice that in
>> some cases the email was not being delivered to the list, but
>> instead went to the poster.
> It's probably your MUA that's doing it - thunderbird can be a bit
> silly at times, though using the "reply all" option seems to make
> even the dumbest MUA play nice

Well, I usually see it with Outlook, but looking at the headers, it appears
that the lists that do it don't put a reply-to in pointing back to the list,
so it defaults to the from field.  So I figure it's the sending list server.
MailScanner's list does it right, BTY <g>...

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