Few spam related questions

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Fri Jul 1 22:13:09 IST 2005

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Jason Williams wrote:
> Hello everyone! just wanted to ask a few spam related questions in
> regards to MS and plugins.
> 1.) Anybody having problems with pyzor? lately, mine has been timing
> out. I can 'discover' fine, but timeout when I ping.
> 2.) Been working with Bayes a lot lately and have a question about the
> following entry in spam.assassin.prefs.conf
> # Bump up SpamAssassin scores on the high and low end
> # score BAYES_00 -15.0
> # score BAYES_05 -5.0
> # score BAYES_95 5.0
> # score BAYES_99 15.0
> Those are currently commented out, but i'd like to use them if possible.
> Anyone have recommendations on how to set this? Personal preference? I'd
> like to get bayes working as best as I can. Wasn't quite sure on the
> best way to utilizie this part.
I think this does depend on your corpus of spam and thus the dictionary that
you are getting.
We are tracking these numbers over the months, the data is collected and then
piped into R (www.r-project.org). That Program then runs a few Macros
projecting a Trendline as well as showing upper and lower boundaries and the
likelyhood that you get a false positive.

Such statistical analysis is surely also possible in your setup

- -d
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