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Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Jan 15 03:10:13 GMT 2005

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ius wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> Sorry about 4.38.1, try 4.38.2 instead :-)
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> I have just released beta version 4.38.1.
>>> Main addition is it can now detect numeric IP addresses in the phishing
>>> net. I know there's already a SpamAssassin rule for this, but someone
>>> wanted an inline alert as well.
>>> Download as usual from
>>> Changelog is:
>>> * New Features and Improvements *
>>> - Upgraded to MIME-tools 5.416.
>>> - Added new filename restrictions using Microsoft vulnerability report
>>> from AUScert.
>>> - Improved /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner so that it finds Incoming Work
>>> Dir and
>>>  Incoming Queue Dir automatically from MailScanner.conf file.
>>> - Can now use $from, $id and $subject in inline signature for signing
>>> clean
>>>  messages.
>>> - Any entry in the "Archive Mail" setting can contain _DATE_ which
>>> will be
>>>  replaced with the current date in yyyymmdd form, so you can backup or
>>> move
> Hi Julian,
> i'm interested in this new feature of archiving mail with date. Can u
> show me how to use it ? as i don't know much about make a script. I just
> want simple daily archive by date

If you are archiving to a directory, you could set
Archive Mail = /var/archive/_DATE_
You will need to create the /var/archive directory before you start,
obviously. You will end up archiving to /var/archive/20050116 (i.e. the
16th day of January 2005, which is my birthday (hint :-)

If you are archiving to an mbox mailbox file for easy browsing with
Thunderbird or your IMAP server or whatever, you could create tomorrow's
mbox file some time during the day (with a little cron job) and then set
Archive Mail = /var/archive/MailArchive._DATE_.mbox
and it will archive to the file /var/archive/MailArchive.20050116.mbox
on the 16th January 2005.

It's as simple as that. It just replaces _DATE_ with the current date in
a form where sorting alphabetically (which is what ls does by default)
gives you the files in order of date.

Julian Field
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