"Banned Content" question - possibly a Web Bug code problem

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jan 12 15:30:18 GMT 2005

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What version of MailScanner are you using? I slightly improved the
locking code (took out an "improvement" I made a long time ago which I
only made after lots of people requested it) in 4.37. It now locks the
df as well as the qf, which slows down delivery slightly in some
situations, but appears to be more reliable than just locking the qf.

Quentin Campbell wrote:

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>>>All the systems are now up2date as far as RH AS 3 patches are
>>>All the systems use the Sendmail that comes with these
>>system; the last
>>>time they were updated this was Sendmail 8.12.11. I use the default
>>>locking in MailScanner.
>>I also had this problem on sendmail 8.12.10. After changing
>>the locking to posix, the problem was gone. So, although the
>>docs state that the locking problem occurs only from 8.13 on,
>>it seems that also some 8.12 versions are affected. Please set
>>the locking mechanism to "posix" and see if it solves your problem.
>I will do this as a last resort. There are four reasons why I want to
>investigate other things first. In particular I want to capture a
>message before then after it has gone through MailSanner and got
>1. Locking works OK on RH AS 3 systems with an up-to-date kernel.
>2. The symptoms we are seeing do not appear to be repeatable so far
>which makes conclusive testing difficult.
>3. I have looked for other evidence of locking problems but cannot find
>any. For example I can show that all messages tagged as spam by
>MailScanner have been tagged once only. If there is a locking problem
>you will see the same message (ie. same Sendmail QID) being tagged as
>spam more than once by two or more MS processes.
>4. The problem appears related to the Web Bug check. I will switch that
>off first. See below for more details of this.
>Having looked further at the problem it appears to be related to MIME
>multipart/alternative messages having all or part of the HTML part
>corrupted. The text part is not being affected.
>In all of the cases the logs show that MailScanner has "disarmed" the
>HTML content. Since I only "disarm" Web Bugs it appears that there may
>be a bug in the Web Bugs code that causes an intermittent problem. This
>suspicion is reinforced by the observation that the problem appears to
>have started when I enabled the Web Bug check late last year. I will
>first of all try "Allow WebBugs = yes" and see what happens.
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