Feature Request: Group configuration items for use in rules

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Jan 7 14:24:48 GMT 2005


> Example of how this might work:
> In /etc/MailScanner/rules/group.rules:
> AnnoyingManagement:    bob at domain.com mike at domain.com jim at domain.com
> jill at domain.com sarah at domain.com
> bofhSysadmins: root at domain.com bofh at domain.com support at domain.com
> In /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.highscore.rules:
> To:    AnnoyingManagement.group        50
> To:    bofhSysadmins.group     3
> To:    default 10

Why would you want a expansion like that ?


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