4.39.3-1 bug or is it me - but 4.38.9-1 OK!

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Fri Feb 25 16:01:37 GMT 2005

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>Subject: Re: 4.39.3-1 bug or is it me - but 4.38.9-1 OK!
>Ah! I hadn't seen that error in context before.
>All the places it can have come from are in Message.pm.
>Can you put a little bit of debugging (e.g. print STDERR "Got to point
>1\n";) just before each occurrence of "Cannot open message" in 
>the file.

I had done some initial digging and I said in one of my first messages
it was probably from Message.pm!  :-(

Doing what you suggest I get:

[root at cheviot7 tmp]# check_mailscanner
Starting MailScanner...
In Debugging mode, not forking...
SA bayes lock is /root/.spamassassin/bayes.lock
Bayes lock is at /root/.spamassassin/bayes.lock
DEBUG: Got to point 3 
Can't call method "print" on an undefined value at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/MIME/Entity.pm line 1803.
[root at cheviot7 tmp]#

And in Message.pm, "point 3" is at line 2401 in the "entity" modified
Message.pm file:

  $year += 1900;
  my $datenumber = sprintf("%04d%02d%02d", $year, $month, $day);

#  # Do we want to hide the directory and message id from the report
#  if (MailScanner::Config::Value('hideworkdir', $this)) {
#    my $pattern = "(" . quotemeta($global::MS->{work}->{dir}) .
#    $report =~ s/$pattern//gm;
#  }

  print STDERR "DEBUG: Got to point 3\n";
  open($textfh, $reportname)
    or MailScanner::Log::WarnLog("Cannot open message file %s, %s",
                                 $reportname, $!);
  my $line;
  while(defined ($line = <$textfh>)) {
    chomp $line;
    #$line =~ s/"/\\"/g; # Escape any " characters
    #$line =~ s/@/\\@/g; # Escape any @ characters
    $line =~ s/([\(\)\[\]\.\?\*\+\^"'@])/\\$1/g; # Escape any regex
    # Untainting joy...

>Are you warning sender, bouncing spam or notifying spam?

In the case of spam we simply tag and deliver mostly. This is controlled
by rulesets:

Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/Spam_Actions.rules
High Scoring Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/High_Scoring_Spam_Actions.rules

The default for both ruleset files is "deliver attachment". The other
190+ entries in each file are mainly "delete" with a few "deliver" and a
few "deliver striphtml".


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