MS encoding email bodies?

Fri Feb 25 15:37:40 GMT 2005

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> Lee Stone wrote on 24-2-2005 14:55:
> > Unfortunately, I am not adept enough to work out how to do this without
> > messing up the sendmail in-and-out services when I re-enable
> MailScanner.
> > Also, this is a working server and I would rather not switch off
> > MailScanner, even momentarily.
> In those cases I stop MailScanner (/etc/init.d/MailScanner stop) and
> start only the incoming sendmail (/etc/init.d/MailScanner startin). When
> the message in question has arrived move the corresponding df and qf
> file to the outgoing queue and do a queuerun for that queueid.
> After that you can just start MailScanner. Sendmail will probably
> complain about port 25 already beeing in use, but that doesn't matter.

Well, I *think* I just did as you suggest and the test emails came through
unaltered. So I can only assume that somewhere between MS, ClamAV and SA the
email gets encoded. Is there something amongst these three that could
dislike the URL variables and mime-encode the whole email?

To repeat, the URL in the email reads:


Oh well. It is avoidable for the moment by rerouting elsewhere but does seem
very odd to me. This is all a little over my head.



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