Quick Sendmail access question

David C.M. Weber david.weber at BACKBONESECURITY.COM
Wed Feb 23 18:14:37 GMT 2005

DARN! I know I forgot something.

I should have been more specific with the error messages.

When an Internet address attempts to send an email to a user in the new
configuration, they get a message of "Relaying denied. IP name lookup
failed [ip address here]". 

When an internal user attempts to send an email, it appears to work now.
(I have a feeling this was a mistake on my part, since rectified)

<snip for brevity's sake>

>So, I'm working on an automatic valid MS Exchange access script.  My 
>first thought, was just adding/removing users from the access file, but

>I'm having an issue.  When I switch over to the new setup, my users are

>unable to send/receive email from anywhere but the localhost.
>Below is a sanitized version of my access file.
># My new access file
># standard local defintions
>localhost.localdomain           RELAY
>localhost                       RELAY
>                       RELAY
>#To:mydomain.com                RELAY
># allow the internal email server to use this as a smart host
>                   RELAY
>                   RELAY
>#user defined black lists
>#Keep these at a bare minimum!
>someone at somewhere.com                   REJECT
>someone at mydomain.com         RELAY
>The only difference between working/not working is the "To:mydomain.com

>RELAY" is not commented, and everything below the "# --- ..." is not 
>there.  From reading the sendmail docs, it would seem (to me at least) 
>that by adding the individual email addresses would be sufficient to 
>get the inbound relaying working.  Obviously, it isn't. Any ideas what 
>I'm doing wrong, or an alternative plan?
>Side note: I looked at the LDAP example in the MAQ, and it wasn't quite

>what I wanted.  If I could put all these addresses in a single file, 
>instead of the access db, that would be ideal, but I'll take what I can

>get.  I'm far from a sendmail guru unfortunately.

<snip for brevity's sake>

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