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Pete Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Wed Feb 23 11:50:19 GMT 2005

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Hi We have postfic and mailscanner combos here - i tried this question
on the postfix list, but not a lot of useful replies, other than to use
DNS - i dont have, aside from the nscd running locally.

Some of the domains we relay for are Exchange machines on our private
network. They have multiple possible destinations for inbound mail - and
lately i notice the Exchange guys changes which one is avilable, so we
go from listeing for all inbound smtp traffic to mydomain to

Currently outbound mail from my mailscanner machines use the postfix
transport map.

How do i achieve the following, as it doesnt currentlty work in
transport maps, when i do a postmap is give errors about duplicate
entries. According to wietse its not possible using tranport but is
using fallback_relay = BUT this means i can only have one entry or a
fallback for one domain. Any one got any other ideas to approach this,
so i dont have to rename and postmap the transport map every 2nd day ?

mydomain    smtp:[]
mydomain    smtp:[]
sub.mydomain    smtp:[]
sub.mydomain    smtp:[]

kind regards and thanks in advance

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