New phishing tactic falling through the net

James Gray james_gray at
Tue Feb 22 22:36:42 GMT 2005

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On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:50 am, Julian Field wrote:
> The other thought is why don't I just ban imagemaps altogether. They
> could be disarmed like everything else. Does anyone really need
> imagemaps in email messages?
> Thoughts?

HTML email is inherently evil (but not quite as evil as TNEF) IMHO.  Banning 
<MAP> tags might be good but I've never really tracked how many or what 
sources our users receive them (map tags) from.

Would it be hard simply to allow/disarm/block them a-la <SCRIPT> tags?  Maybe 
disarm does something like:

<MAP>foo</MAP>  gets the MailScanner treatment to become
<!-- <MAP>foo</MAP> -->

Or is it a little more complicated than that?

My $0.02

-- James

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