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Mark Nienberg mark at TIPPINGMAR.COM
Tue Feb 22 19:23:08 GMT 2005

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Hmm.  Maybe.  I'm currently running 4.37.7.  Are there more options in
the latest version or should I just play with the two settings in
"languages.conf" (PossibleFraudStart and PossibleFraudEnd)?

Julian Field wrote:

> Good idea. How much of this can actually be achieved by customising the
> currently available options and text strings (languages.conf) ?
> Mark Nienberg wrote:
>> Is there any chance an option could be added to the phishing net feature
>> so when MailScanner dectects something like this:
>> <a href=""></a>
>> it replaces it with somethng like this:
>> <a
>> href=""></a>
>> Then, if the user clicks on the link, he or she will be taken to a
>> dynamically generated (php or a perl cgi) page on our own website that
>> will explain the potential phishing attack, show the link as it
>> displays, and show the actual link.  It could include a working link to
>> the actual link in case the user really wants to go there (or in case of
>> false positive).  Help desk info, etc could also be included.
>> It has the advantage that false positives are not even noticeable unless
>> the user clicks on the link.  It allows a much better explanation of
>> what the possible problem is.  It could include links to general
>> information on the internet regarding phishing, etc.
>> I suppose someone who runs a high volume website could even have a
>> generic page for other mailscaner admins to use if they don't have their
>> own webserver set up.

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