FW: noticefilenameinfected

Mark Campbell mcampbell at ITCONVERGENCE.COM
Fri Feb 18 16:14:46 GMT 2005

Hey Guys,

This is becoming a large problem for me, all files which are being
blocked result in an email being send to ME and not the end user.  This
has happened since the last MailScanner upgrade I did a few weeks ago
(mailscanner-4.37.7-1).  I want the system to send an email to the end
user about blocked files, so they can ask me to release them if it's
something they required.  

If you want me to paste any part of my config just let me know, I
suspect something was added to the MailScanner.conf file between my
upgrades and I didn't catch it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance on this issue.


Mark Campbell

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   Subject: Fwd: Re: BA VPN users
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    Report: MailScanner: Executable DOS/Windows programs are dangerous
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