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Richard Siddall richard.siddall at ELIRION.NET
Thu Feb 17 21:18:10 GMT 2005

Paul Welsh wrote:

> Hi
> I have a single RH9 mail/web server running a licensed copy of F-Prot
> Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers.  I decided on F-Prot because I needed only
> 1 licence per server.  If I renew, I'll purchase F-Prot Antivirus for
> Linux/BSD/Solaris File Server because their Mail Server product is now
> licensed on a per user basis.  It costs $399.
> MailScanner supports a host of anti-virus products and I am making my way
> down the list, but to save time can anyone point me in the direction of a
> better value alternative, if one exists?

Is this for commercial, non-profit, personal, or educational institution
use?  I believe the licenses and pricing differ depending on which
category you fall into.

It also depends on your reading of the AV vendor's license.

Increasingly, the AV vendors seem to be writing their licenses such that
you have to buy their (expensive) mail scanning version and figure out
how many users you have according to their definition of a user
(assuming they actually bother to define what a user or mailbox is).
None of them seem to be interested in selling per-server licenses for
file-level scanners to commercial MailScanner/Amavis/etc. users.

You need to read postings to this list carefully as the poster rarely
says which user category they fall into (and are speaking about) or how
closely they've read the license, so the assertions can be misleading.


        Richard Siddall

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