Solution for 1 CPU screaming

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Wed Feb 16 22:16:40 GMT 2005

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Mauricio Cavalcanti wrote:
> Unfortunately i cannot do it...
> Thks,
> Mauricio.
>> From: Scott Silva <ssilva at SGVWATER.COM>
>> Reply-To: MailScanner mailing list <MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK>
>> Subject: Re: Solution for 1 CPU screaming
>> Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:40:17 -0800
>> Mauricio Cavalcanti wrote:
>>> I think it´s half off topic, but...
>>> In a medium business office (~1k users), I have 2 servers running 
>>> Linux: 1 gateway (P4 ~ unused) and 1 mail server (P3 very used) 
>>> running pop (dovecot), apache (for webmail), sendmail with DCC, 
>>> Pyzor, Razor, SA and MailScanner.
>>> The P3 CPU is becoming red in monitoring. They want to include samba 
>>> file share in P3 server and I think it will not work as they want.
>>> I think I can use P4 to make e-mail tests (MS and SA) e after that, 
>>> this server relays the "low score" e-mail to P3 and make it´s life 
>>> easier :)
>>> Anyone has this kind of solution implemented or have another ideia to 
>>> solve this?
>>> Thks in advance,
>>> Mauricio.
>> Would it be feasible to swap the servers?
>> IE.. use the PIII for gateway and P4 for everything else.

Then you could run MailScanner and all on the P4, and relay to the PIII.
The P4 would be the MX for the mail, and it would just forward the 
"cleaner" mail to the PIII.
I am running many services on a dual PIII 1ghz machine. I just have i 
gigabyte of ram, and run the MailScanner incoming directory in tmpfs.

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