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>For some reason I'm not being able to set this up...
>There is always a time out while connecting with the snmp (port 116).

SNMP uses UDP port 161 (not 116). How are you trying to connect, since it's a UDP port, not TCP. Are you running any firewall rules on this box? Are you connecting to the localhost?

To verify a correct SNMP daemon, try snmpwalk, like so:

snmpwalk -c <string> -v2c <host>

Where <string> is your public SNMP string and <host> is the host where SNMP is running, e.g.:

snmpwalk -c public -v2c localhost

What version of SNMP are you using and what are the entries in /etc/snmpd.conf?

What does the following command give you?:

# netstat -a -n|grep snmp


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