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Peter Bates wrote:
| Hello all...
| My licence for F-Prot was/is reaching it's annual renewal time, so I
| thought I'd take a quick look at F-Secure.
| I have the version for Linux workstations (4.52), and hence the
| command-line scanner version.
| When I add 'f-secure' to my list of AV scanners and then watch
| MailScanner kick  it off, I notice it spawns an 'fsav' process (which I
| can see clearly in the f-secure-wrapper), but also a couple of 'fsavd'
| processes.
| I'm also suddenly getting messages like the following in my log:
| Feb 16 12:56:59 postbox MailScanner[22349]: Scan ended at Wed Feb 16
| 12:56:59 2005
| Feb 16 12:56:59 postbox MailScanner[22349]: 87 files scanned
| ... which I presume are coming from F-secure.
yes they are.
| Is this normal behaviour?
Yes it is

| Does the fsav launch the fsavd for
| performance reasons, or should fsavd be resident anyway?
It should staty resident, since it is needed to load the scan engines
and data definition files.

| Am I just running the wrong version, or making a cheeky assumption I
| can get away with the workstation version?
no, it is fine.

| Thanks in advance for any pointers (I've checked the MAQ/FAQ).
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