hardware for MailScanner server?

Philip Hachey PHachey at CITY.CORNWALL.ON.CA
Tue Feb 15 15:40:11 GMT 2005

Hi.  I have recently greatly increased the number of users whose mail get
scanned by our MailScanner server.  Now, the hard drive tends to thrash a
fair bit and SpamAssassin occasionally times out, especially during
bursts.  MailScanner needs to process around 40-60 messages per five
minute interval.

The server consists of a stripped down install of White Box Linux (a clone
of RHEL3 -- 2.4 kernel), sendmail, MailScanner using RBL checks, and
SpamAssassin using Bayes, Razor, DCC, Pyzor, and SURBL, as well as some
additional custom rule files and rule files from www.rulesemporium.com.

What would be a reasonable amount of RAM and CPU speed that could handle

Thanks for any suggestions.

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