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> I'am testing QuarantineReport from fsl and I have one problem. If we
> recive a spam that contains multible recipients the QuarantineReport
> will have one entry for each recipient, this will make the report very
> hard to read for our users because sometime's it can be 50-100
> recipients. Is this working as designed or am I doing something wrong
> here ??
> best regards
> Niklas Olofsson

A couple of ways to prevent this:

1. Split up emails to multiple recipients into individual messages, one for
each recipient, as the messages are received and before the messages are
placed in MailScanner's incoming queue.

2. Limit the number of multiple recipients you will allow to be received at
the site. I know this might not be possible for all sites but might be
possible at smaller sites.

Both of these solutions are implemented at the MTA level so the gory details
are MTA dependent.


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