Logging feature request

Alan mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Mon Feb 14 21:34:16 GMT 2005

Welcom back Julian!

I have a feature request to ask that I hope is minor... You have supplied us
with quite a few options to turn on and off the logging of many aspects of
MailScanner. At present, if I set everyone of them to 'Off'...

I'm seeing the following activities still being logged:

Content checks:
  Content Checks: Detected and have disarmed HTML message in ...

Precedence list checks:
  Skipping sender of precedence list

Phishing checks:
  Found phishing fraud from

Message renaming:
  ZM: message 2061436 renamed into 2060021

I would appreciate it if we could get some additional logging configurations
settings so we could also turn each of these types of logs on and off.

Thanks for your consideration of this request,

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