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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Thu Feb 10 12:06:10 GMT 2005

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Dan Harris wrote:
> I've been considering something like this for some time now so that some of
> my less Linux savvy colleagues can keep an eye on things when I'm out of the
> office, so if anyone has used them I'd be interested to know how Mailwatch
> compares to Vispan? I know that there is also a Webmin MailScanner module,
> but I believe that it is a fairly limited config only tool, so a
> Mailwatch/Vispan comparison would probably be more worthwhile.
> I'm currently using Exim4 with SA3, McAfee, Kaspersky, Bit Defender and
> ClamAV on a Debian box.

AFAIK, vispan has no tool for releasing messages and is mostly used for
statistics and for blocking ip addresses that continuously abuse your
system (either via a sendmail access file or IPtables)

mailwatch is quite complete, though there is no management module. Again
mailwatch has no capabilities to block ip addresses unlike vispan. The
is also fwspam (http://freshmeat.net/projects/fwspam/) which takes care
of the ip address blocking part, OR you could use the IPBlock code in
CustomConfig to take care of rate-limiting.

Ideally you should be happy with a combination of mailwatch (and the
contributed luser interface) + mailscanner-mrtg (for some brilliant mrtg
like stats) + msre (msre.sf.net) for managing mailscanner rules.

Whats lacking in the above setup is mailscanner config management, which
most of us (I assume) are happy doing through 'vi' (or any other editor)

And finally coming to your core requirement, mailwatch should take care
of releasing messages quite comfortably.

- dhawal

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