Missing "local part" of address with MS4.38.10 / Exim 4.44

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Wed Feb 9 16:55:26 GMT 2005


I installed the tarball version of MS 4.38.10 on a Trustix 2.2 box that
is also running Exim 4.44 / Perl 5.8.5. The problem I'm having is that
messages for local delivery have a corrupted address. Here's a piece of
the Exim log:

2005-02-09 09:44:39 1CyuxD-0007eA-SB <= splee at cspmail.swage.ca U=splee
P=local S=424 id=20050209164439.GE25858 at cspmail.swage.ca
2005-02-09 09:44:47 1CyuxD-0007eA-SB ** `@swage.ca <john at swage.ca>:
Unrouteable address
2005-02-09 09:44:47 1CyuxL-0007eH-Ph <= <> R=1CyuxD-0007eA-SB U=exim
P=local S=1446
2005-02-09 09:44:47 1CyuxL-0007eH-Ph ** `@swage.ca
<splee at cspmail.swage.ca>: Unrouteable address
2005-02-09 09:44:47 1CyuxL-0007eH-Ph Frozen (delivery error message)
2005-02-09 09:44:47 1CyuxD-0007eA-SB Completed

Note that the local part of the address is missing "@swage.ca". The
incoming exim queue shows an intact message, Mailscanner seems to deal
with it fine and then when the message is dropped into the outgoing exim
queue, the local part of the address gets stripped and hence the error
message above. Here's the corresponding portion of the MailScanner

Feb  9 09:44:43 cspmail MailScanner[29393]: New Batch: Scanning 1
messages, 802 bytes
Feb  9 09:44:43 cspmail MailScanner[29393]: Virus and Content Scanning:
Feb  9 09:44:47 cspmail MailScanner[29393]: Uninfected: Delivered 1

I have a feeling that I might be missing something with the MS
configuration. When Debug is turned on and a message is processed, I get
very little output to the console:

root at cspmail /opt/MailScanner/etc# check_mailscanner
Starting MailScanner...
In Debugging mode, not forking...
Stopping now as you are debugging me.
root at cspmail /opt/MailScanner/etc#

The MS installation seemed to run fine except for the following message:

For some reason the tnef decoder did not compile properly.
As an alternative, in MailScanner.conf set
TNEF Expander = internal

I installed TNEF tarball manually and it seemed to install without

One interesting twist is that outgoing messages (generated with Mutt)
have no problems getting out intact.

I would appreciate any suggestions on further debugging.


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