DNSBL Teasting

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Feb 8 23:17:17 GMT 2005


> asked me to figure out why all outbound mail takes 4 hours to leave the
> scanner. It appears as though having a whole of redundant RBLs with 4
> hour time outs set can cause your outboun d email queue to clog up.
> SO! How does one test a whole bunch of RBL addresses quickly?
> I have some i know dont work anymore, eg monkeys.com
> but how do i work out all of the others?
> dynablock.wiredhub.net
> tt.bl.reynolds.net.au
> i have a list of 30 or so.

Do you run them locally ? (RBLDNSD mirrors) or all remotely. If remotely,
its insain. 5-6 are plenty. Just pick the right ones. You are way better
off using MailScanner with SA and let SURBL do the work. The multilookups
there are much cheaper.


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