Missing BAYES???

Chris Conn cconn at ABACOM.COM
Mon Feb 7 23:24:43 GMT 2005

Scott Silva wrote:
> Chris Conn wrote:
>>> not in my experiance. the bayes system should tag all emails.
>>> I'd make sure MS is doing the re-sync of the bayes DB itself and an
>>> outside cron isn't trying to do this...
>>> In MainScanner.conf its the rebuild bayes options you need to set
>>> correctly and make sure it's set to wait while this happens as well.
>> Hello,
>> This is what I have:
>> Rebuild Bayes Every = 259200
>> Wait During Bayes Rebuild = yes
>> Out of 4975 messages marked as possible spam today, only 4842 had
>> BAYES_XXX scores attached, the rest having a bunch of spamassassin
>> scores but no BAYES.
>> Chris
> That is a long Bayes rebuild interval. Maybe it is just taking a long
> time to rebuild.


According to my logs, the database rebuilds in about 120 seconds.  Is
that excessively long?


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