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Dave Duffner - webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Fri Feb 4 16:53:07 GMT 2005

        And with this question I have another related to it:

        Got the same thing in place, works just fine but because
we're using an Ensim-based server setup the only .cf file it
recognizes is the  So while the rules_du_jour does
it's thing for updating, it places the new .cf files in the
proper directory and that's it.

        From that point, unless I manually import them into
the file, they're ignored.

        Any way to automate this process or change settings in
the rules_du_jour scripting to possibly import these into the file without doing it on every update we get?


     David J. Duffner
     VP Operations
     NWC Corporation

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> Thanks Martin!
> Few question about the custom SA rules.
> I've already downloaded the rules_du_jour script & made some
> basic variable changes. I have also created the
> /etc/rulesdujour/config file.  It looks like below.
> Is this a correct configuration setting?   Is this all I need?
> /etc/rulesdujour/config:
> "           TRUSTED_RULESETS="
> Thanks,
> Magda

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